The Parish of Dorstone

in Herefordshire's Golden Valley

Playing Field

To book any facilities call: 01981 550003


None at present

playing field


This very brief “history” of Dorstone Playing Field is what has been taken from official documents and conversations with local Govt officials.

Dorstone Playing Field is registered as a Charity. Charity Number 510432. It was registered Sept 18 1980 on what looks like ground leased on June 11th 1980.

The object was to provide and maintain a recreation ground and playing field for the benefit of the inhabitants of Dorstone and its environments.

There were four trustees: Nigel Davies, Owen Davies (deceased), Trevor Phillips and Margery Phillips

On March 28th 2002 The Charity bought the current playing field from The Church Commissioners at a cost of £50,000. For legal reasons the ownership of the land is vested in three holding trustees, who are the same as the above, who hold the land for the Charity. The trustees do not own the land, they merely hold it for the charity. Should the charity ever be dissolved its property/assets would be handed over to another charity ( not necessarily the RSPCA but to another village charity! )

To purchase the land the Charity borrowed the money from certain villagers, at a fixed interest rate, and that money has now almost been repaid. Two creditor remains and the money exists to repay them but the managing committee has held it back in order to finance certain projects.

Paying back the money has been an incredible feat. £50K in 6 years not bad! For this we are grateful to villagers who have supported the many fundraising events and to the four organisations: the Bowls club, the Cricket club, the Football club and Fairfield school who have used and paid for the facilities. Fairfield school in particular have contributed greatly not only in rent but also in facilities like maintaining the ground, cutting grass and marking pitches.

Day to Day Running

Fairfield High School has a leases the field for school sporting activities.

The Playing Field also has a managing committee. In addition to the trustees there are three elected members and representatives of the various local organisations. WI, Church, Village Hall, Young Farmers, Cricket club, Bowls Club, Football  etc.

The Officials are as follows:
Chair: Ken Goodwin 01497 831506
Treasurer: Karen Usher 01981 550 722
Minute Sec.:

Other reps: Rob Garrard, Mandy Goodwin, Michael Smith, Chris Hendy. ROB GARRARD is the person to contact to book any facilities 01981 550 003. In his absence any committee member will assist.

What is not generally known is that the Managing Committee is NOT a sports committee, we do not organise sporting events on the field. What we do is manage the field, i.e.make policy, raise money for its upkeep, make sure there are no double bookings. For many years we organised a “FUN DAY” but found it increasingly difficult to maintain the FUN element because we were prevented from doing so many things either because of insurance or Health and safety objections.  Even a tug of war was regarded as dangerous.

We would dearly love to see more village activity on the field. If the recent Rounders match is anything to go by there are opportunities of organising such events and if anyone has the wish to organise club activity they are most welcome to discuss it with the committee.  For instance a Tennis Club could be set up on the same basis as the Bowls club!

Anyone interested in joining the committee to organise more sporting events is very welcome.

There are currently a number of projects in hand.

The Children’s Play area has completely rebuilt. Health and safety checks are frequently made and these sometimes prevent us from adding certain facilities.

The lower part of the field will be drained to allow for winter activity and a donation towards this was gratefully received from the National Grid  pipeline.  We need more money though!