The Parish of Dorstone

in Herefordshire's Golden Valley

Dorstone Parish Council - Roads and Footpaths

Parish Paths Partnership

The maintenance of paths is largely managed by the parish council to ensure that the local path network is kept open and usable for the public to enjoy. The Parish Paths Office (PPO), in conjunction with Amey Herefordshire's Public Rights of Way Service and is responsible for agreeing with the Area Rights of Way Warden the work to be carried out under the scheme. Area's of responsibility include the maintenance of:

  • gates
  • stile cross-steps
  • ditch crossings and small bridges
  • signposts
  • waymarker posts
  • drainage and surfacing works

The Dorstone PPO is: Tony Usher


Lengthsman Scheme

The parish receives funding from Herefordshire Council to help maintain non-principal roads. This is called The Lengthmans Scheme. The Lengthsman Scheme is designed to employ local knowledge in order act swiftly in response to local road maintenance problems.

Under the project a local contractor is appointed to look after minor highway maintenance operations in the parish. The Lengthsman's typical rounds include:

  • clearing leaves and debris from ditches and drains
  • clearing obscured traffic signs
  • trimming verges and overgrown hedges
  • painting and repairing fences.


A typical annual expenditure is as follows:
£1700 - Drain and gulley clearing
£500 - Stream Clearance in Dorstone
£400 - Strimming and Mowing
£300 - Salt bin maintenance
£100 - Cleaning and clearing roadside signs

This represents a total annual expenditure of approximately £3000
Note: these figures are averages and may increase during years with hard winters.

The Parish Honorary Surveyor is: Tony Usher

Note: Repairs to the road surface (such as Pot Holes) are not covered by this programme.

Seen a Pot Hole?

You can report a pothole and check on current pothole repairs via the Herefordshire Potholes Map, on the Council website.

Reporting other Road Damage

For Urgent road problems call: 01432 261800

For major damage to the road surface, such as extensive pothole or surface damage, blown out or blocked drains, broken road signs, etc., you can report online via the Roads and Pavement section of the Herefordshire website. After making a report in this way please also inform the Honorary Surveyor, Tony Usher.