A Meeting of Dorstone Parish Council was held in Old School Hall Dorstone on
Wednesday April 10th 2019 at 7-30pm
Present: Councillor C Thomas Chairman, Councillor T Usher, Councillor M Hession, Councillor C Gethin, Councillor K Meredith, & Mr C Hendy Parish Council Clerk.
Apologies, Councillor D Phillips, work commitment Councillor A Phillips, work commitment, Ward Councillor P Price
No representation from public
The minutes of meeting March 27th 2019 were approved as a true record and signed by the chairman.
Golden Valley Police, monthly update had been circulated.
Application No; 190927
Site Address: Planning Consultation 3 Dore View, Dorstone, Hereford, Herefordshire HR36AJ
Description; Erection of a single storey rear extension to form utility and WC
The application had been passed to Councillor Gethin, due to the application recently received neighbours had not yet been visited. No letters of support or objection received.
Councillors resolved to support the application, Councillor Gethin to advise the result of visits to the neighbours.
Clerks salary £125
Payment authorised.
2018-2019 Financial report
The clerk had circulated the end of year accounts, Balance at 01/04/2019
Current account Bonus Saver Business Reserve Total
£5506.83 £2306.34 0.26 £7813.43
Refunds Outstanding
Lengthsmen Scheme
£175.49 £327.19 £502.68
Balance £7813.43 + Re-imbursement £502.68= £8316.11 Highways,
Review of roadside grass verge cutting which has special habitat for rare species.
Balfour Beatty are currently reviewing how roadside verges, are managed especially in areas where there are special habitats for rare species. Currently roadside verges are cut twice a year and cuttings left in situ, some locations this must continue for safety reasons, such as at accident cluster sites, or where there are visibility
issues. At other locations, the maintenance regime may be adjusted to support the habitats of those rarer species by not cutting at all, delaying cuts, or changing their approach.
Balfour Beatty would like to carry out a trial, in conjunction with a volunteer group, which would set up a maintenance regime at agreed locations within the parish, with the aim of preserving and improving wildlife habitats in the verges through the parish. If Dorstone is interested in participating in the trial a meeting would be arranged.
Councillors resolved to seek a meeting with Balfour Beatty
Balfour Beatty expression of interest form and Annual maintenance plan 2019-2020, Councillors agreed the clerk should return the expression of interest form to allow the lengthsmen to continue on the C & unclassified roads in the parish
Dorstone Parish Council tax
A query had been raised why the parish council tax had risen but the precept was the same as 2018-2019. Information from Herefordshire Council was the tax base for Dorstone has been reduced, from 184.52 in 2018/19 to 182.61 for 2019/20. When the precept is divided by the tax base, it results in a 36 pence increase per average Band D, and this relates to 1% of the 2018/19 charge.
Whilst the total number of properties remained the same for the last two years there were 133 properties paying a full charge in 2018/19 and 128 paying a full charge in 2019/20, this could indicate, that more discounts/exemptions are being awarded.
Election 2019,
A parishioners request had been received suggesting persons nominated provide a short written statement on why they are standing. Clerk reported the Parish Councils had received general information on the forthcoming election, and he had sought specific advice on the request.
Councils are in a period called "purdah" whilst politics are not recognised in the parish council, more relevant to principal authorities, parish councils must be careful not to be perceived to promote an individual candidate, either at council meetings or on parish council websites.
If written statements were requested one nominated person may not agree to participate
Councils should not arrange proactive media or events involving candidates. The Electoral Commission publish guidance on canvassing in a parish council election
Based on the information given councillors were unable to support the suggestion
Date of next meeting
Whilst the next meeting was scheduled for May 8th 2019 with a contested election the next meeting dates must be held May 9th to May 23rd. Councillors agreed to next meeting on Wednesday May 15th 2019
Councillor Thomas gave his apologies, he would not be able to attend to hand the chairmanship over..
Date of Parish Meeting Wednesday May 29th 2019.
Councillor Thomas thanked Councillors and Clerk for their support during his time as Councillor & Chairman.
Councillor Usher thanked Councillor Thomas for his work for the council, especially with the Neighbourhood Plan
No further business the chairman thanked those who had attended & closed the meeting at 09.10pm