A Meeting of Dorstone Parish Council was held in Old School Hall Dorstone on
Wednesday October 10th 2018 at 7-30pm
Present:, Councillor C Thomas Chairman ,Councillor T Usher, Councillor C Gethin, Councillor M Hession, Councillor D Phillips & Mr C Hendy Parish Council Clerk.
Also present Mr J Howells
Acceptable apologies; Councillor K Meredith Councillor A Phillips, work commitments
Apologies; Ward Councillor P Price
No declaration of interest
Representation from the public; Mr J Howells spoke objecting to the planning application at Castle Farm, limited water supply which currently served three properties, change from agricultural land to residential, proximity to castle mound, location of septic system to proposed site.
The minutes of meeting September 12th 2018, were approved as a true record and signed by the chairman.
Golden Valley Police monthly report circulated.
Ward Councillor September report circulated
Planning; Planning; Application No: 183239/F
Address: Castle Farm, Castle Farm House, Nant Y Bar Road, Dorstone, Hereford.
Description: Proposed erection of a 2 bedroomed holiday let cabin and change of use of land to residential curtilage.
Application had been passed to Councillor A Phillips, he had been unable to contact neighbour directly opposite proposed site.
Councillors discussed the application, referring to documents currently available on line, the representation they had heard, and the policies as set out in Dorstone’s Neighbourhood Plan & resolved not to support the application.
Their reasons were;
The Neighbourhood Plan policy DNP T1 on Tourism states that “Sustainable rural development proposals will be supported where they are of a size and scale which respects and has minimal impact on the local environment, landscape and historical heritage of the area”
The Council considers that the proposed building is utilitarian in nature and will look out of place in the proposed location. It is also in close proximity to the Motte and Castle on the same site. It would be interesting to know the view of Historic England on this proposal.
DNP Policy DNP H3 states that “all housing proposals will need to be of a scale and form which complements the character of the area and will not result in a loss of amenity for existing residents”
The Council considers that the proposed building in a raised prominent position is not in keeping with the surrounding countryside.
The proposal also involves the conversion of agricultural land into an extension of the existing curtilage. In preparing the Neighbourhood Plan detailed consideration was given to this possibility but we were told by the Herefordshire Planning Department that building new houses within existing curtilages was contrary to the Herefordshire Core Strategy, let alone extending the existing curtilage to accommodate a new home. The Council believes that in effect this proposal is building a new property in open countryside and should be rejected on these grounds alone.
To be constructive the Council suggests that consideration is given to the re-use of existing buildings for the provision of B&B and self- catering accommodation. Whilst not strictly a planning issue the Council understands that a private limited spring supply services the three existing properties in the area and residents have expressed serious concern over the viability of the supply if any further connections are made. There is no mains water supply in the area
Application No 183411
Address: Homleigh, Chapel Lane, Dorstone, Hereford, Herefordshire. HR3 6AP Description Proposed works to T1 & T2 Norwegian Spruce - Fell because of excessive shading. T3 T4 and T5 Goat Willow - Pollard for wood and excessive shading of neighbourhood property
Consultation date finished
For information
Address: Merbager View, Dorstone, Hereford, Herefordshire. HR3 5SU Description: Application for prior notification for a general purpose agricultural building.
Prior Approval refused
Application outside Parish Boundary,
Address: Poston Lodge Farm Vowchurch Hereford Herefordshire HR2 0RJ, Description: Development of a replacement electronic communications transmitting station (approx. 40m high).
Councillors discussed this application, remembered the difficulties parishioners suffered with the loss of mobile phone signal and resolved to support the application. Their reasons were;
The planning application to relocate the existing mast and improve the facilities attached is good news & Dorstone PC support the application providing it meets the criteria of their Neighbourhood Policy
DNP IN 1 Policy – Infrastructure
“Mobile Phone Infrastructure proposals which will provide high quality telecommunications for businesses and residents will be supported where they are sensitively sited and are of an appropriate type and scale which protect local amenity and will have minimal impact on the areas historic and natural environment
Parish Council Summit October 17th Agenda had been circulated to councillors. Finance
Clerks salary £125 Lengthsman account £180
Both payments authorised
Financial report: Clerk updated Councillors on finances up to 30th September 2018
Current Account Bonus Saver Business Reserve Refunds Outstanding Total
£8706.66 £2303.29
£0.26 £192.15
Whilst the balance was very good, there had been minimal expenditure on the lengthsman scheme through the summer, autumn drain/grip clearance work would commence shortly & there was replacement computer to be purchased.
Budget for 2019-2020, Councillor Thomas, Councillor Usher & the Clerk had met to discuss the budget for next year. With an election in 2019-2020 information had been received on the cost to the parish
page3image42695680 page3image42693952 page3image42693184Electorate Full Term Cost FOR 2019
Uncontested Election 25.00 - 150.00 301 to 400 1050.00
By-Election Cost 2019/20
25.00 - 150.00 1600.00
In reserve £1100 had been identified for election costs, recommendation was to increase this by £500, also to add £200 to the reserves to part replenish money used to purchase a replacement computer.
The Parish Paths Scheme would finish at the end of this financial year, recommend budget for Lengthsman Scheme reduced to £2500, any surplus money this financial year could be retained for next financial year.
Councillors considered the budget for 2019-2020 and agreed a draft precept of £6500 was set, parishioner’s views would be sought & the budget agreed at the December meeting.
Update re B4348
Councillor Price has been very proactive in supporting improvements to the B4348, he raised questions with Herefordshire Council Contracts manager who was also sent the interim results of the survey being carried out. Answers received had been circulated. The maintenance of roadside ditches had been highlighted to reduce surface water on the highway, leaflets explaining riparian owner’s responsibilities were available. The clerk would obtain a copy & circulate
Councillor D Phillips reported there had been 200 responses so far to the survey being undertaken, Peterchurch Councillors had walked their section of the B4348 and noted defects, it was important to justify the work required to improve the road condition, any help especially how the current road condition affects cyclists & tourists would be welcome. Councillor Usher would seek information from cyclists & also agreed to walk the B4348 through Dorstone with Councillor Phillips.
b) General Scrutiny Committee Consideration of highways maintenance –Pothole repairs and other public realm services.
Agreed clerk should draft comments to information requested & circulate before submitting
c) Kissing gate repair at Playing fields Kissing Gate, permission has been given for the lengthsmen to carry out work replacing the gate provided he only works from playing field side. Gate has been ordered & will be paid for from PP3 account
d) Road closures in October, details circulated & submitted for circulation to Dorstone Front Room
e) Footpath map, following improvements at the shop premises the footpath map was removed from the wall, Councillors agreed to request permission of the Shop Association to re-site the map on the perimeter of the car park
Herefordshire Council:
Remembrance Sunday programme of commemorative events in the county circulated,
Training to be an interpreter, Herefordshire Language Network, is offering more courses in November
Council Cabinet update, information on decisions made circulated
Beginner’s computer workshop information circulated
Fuel poverty in Herefordshire
In 2016 (the latest available data), approximately 11,043 households in Herefordshire were considered to be ‘fuel poor’. This equates to approximately 13.5% of all households in the district, which is above the rate for England of 11.1%. Herefordshire, as a large rural county, faces exceptional challenges in relation to the age and type of housing, the availability of mains gas, and the population profile. Fuel poverty data has also been published at Lower Super Output Area (LSOA*) level Of the 116 LSOAs in Herefordshire, 71% (83) have a fuel poverty level above the national rate for England.
In Herefordshire, localities are used for statistical purposes and of the LSOA’s with the highest level of fuel poverty >20% are located in Golden Valley, Mortimer and Kington.
Poster to display on council noticeboard, information leaflets available shortly for distribution.
Volunteering opportunities;
An independent person reviewing standards issues
An independent remuneration review panellist
A school appeals panellist
Funding of £5m has been secured from the Rural Broadband Infrastructure Scheme to provide some of the hardest to reach properties and businesses in the county with superfast broadband access, with the aim of bringing superfast coverage to 98% of the county over the next two years
Digital support to Parish Councils from Fastershire, help with on line presence available. This could cover:- Website ,Sharing information online, Social media, Email
Awareness of new parishioners for Welcome pack
Clerk is not always aware when new parishioners move in, any help notifying him would be grateful
Societies Fair November 18th
Love in the Countryside (BBC) second series of the BBC Two show Love in The Countryside and looking for rural singles who are looking for love but find it difficult to meet potential partners”.
Inauguration service for Hereford developing university on October 19th
Any Other Business
A Certificate of Lawfulness had been applied to Herefordshire Council Planning department for the erection of a garden shed and construction of a track at Glisshire. No comments were requested on the application.
Clerk informed councillors that a change in planning legislation allowed permitted development rights for householders to improve and extend their homes without the need to apply for planning permission where that would be out of proportion with the impact of works carried out
Certificate of Lawfulness
While it should be possible in most cases to decide whether or not a proposed
project qualifies as permitted development, there will inevitably be instances where the decision is less clear cut. If there is any ambiguity or question over the proposal passes the permitted development tests there are a number of options. It may, for instance, be possible to alter the plans to ensure they meet permitted
development limits and conditions.
Householders may choose to apply for a lawful development certificate (LDC). This is not the same as planning permission but is proof that the household building work is lawful.
Next meeting
Next meeting, whilst scheduled for November 14th the clerk will not be able to attend on that date, agreed to change to Tuesday November 13th