A meeting of Dorstone Parish Council was held in Old School Hall Dorstone on Wednesday September 11th2019 at 7-30pm
Present; Councillor M Hession, Chairman, Councillor T Arnott, Councillor L Aubrey-Cosslett, Councillor A Phillips, Councillor D Phillips, Councillor B James, & Mr C Hendy Parish Council Clerk. 
Apologies Councillor T Usher, on holiday, Golden Valley Police
Also present; Councillor Jennie Hewitt, Golden Valley North Ward Councillor, two parishioners
Councillors were informed that Mrs Lane, Councillor, Vice-Chairperson & Chairperson of the parish council had recently passed away. The council observed a minute’s silence
The minutes of meeting August 28th 2019 were approved & signed
Reports, Ward Councillor had sent a copy of her report to the clerk shortly before the meeting; this was available In hard copy for councillors to read. The report covered a meeting of residents, who are concerned about the condition of Old Tay Road, bid for resurfacing of the B4348,  availability to meet parishioners, meetings attended including the call in of the Decision to Pause and Review both road building schemes. Information was given that there is agreed funding for the SWTP from the Marches LEP (Southern Link Road and associated transport measures) but NO funding on the table for the western bypass.
Golden Valley Police, monthly newsletter circulated
Planning                                                                                                                                                        Application Number Planning consultation 192837
Site Caemawr, Arthurs Stone Lane, Dorstone Herefordshire HR3 6AY
Description; Proposed loafing barn, manege and tracks
Application had been passed to Councillor Hession, no letters of support or objection received. From website, Ecology approve with conditions, Highway seeking clarification if for domestic or commercial use.
Councillor A Phillips noted there was a field shelter on the site which did not appear to have planning permission for.
Councillors resolved whilst supporting the application have concerns over the existing field shelter and if this requires planning permission. The facilities applied for to be used for the applicants own horses, not commercially
Application number; Planning Consultation 192908
Site; Owls Nest, Pentre Lane Bredwardine
     Description; Erection of two storey rear extension with basement under and detached garage
Land adjoining parish
Application with Councillor Hession, no letters of support or objection received
Wyeside parish council had supported the application.
Councillors decided not to comment on the application
Template for planning applications when Councillor visits neighbours and they are not available, deferred to next meeting.
Formal objection to consultation on planning application Bage Court
Mr Bromley had written to register with the Parish Council a formal objection.  “I believe there has been a serious lack of communication with the residents of the Parish about the meeting arranged to discuss this application considering the long and involved planning history of this site. I had communicated with the clerk by email asking what the Council were proposing.  I received a visit from Councillor Ben James one evening and told him of my objections. I am not sure how many of my neighbours Ben James did visit and discuss the application with?”
The clerk had replied to his query regarding what actions the council were taking in regard to the application by informing Mr Bromley he was in the process of arranging a meeting to discuss this & two other applications.
Agenda circulated August 22nd to councillors, copy sent to Golden Valley Web, legal notice displayed on PC noticeboard.  
Following the receipt of the objection it transpired the agenda had not been posted on the web due to a technical issue, Councillor Usher had apologised to Mr Bromley. 
After discussion agreed a reply should be sent to Mr Bromley indicating councillors would consider improving the publicity dates of meetings and agendas.
Review of Polling Districts
The Returning Officer’s proposals on the 2019 review of polling districts, places & stations have been published. www.herefordshire.gov.uk/pollingreview
The clerk had checked, no change proposed for Dorstone
Proposed changes to the white lining had been circulated & advertised on DFR weekly newsletter, only one negative comment from parishioner received.
Email from Dr Hession “excellent work undertaken to resurface and reline the Dorstone bends on the B4348. The work was carried out very efficiently, within the allotted timescale, and the crew were polite and helpful to me as a resident on one of the bends. The work was left in a clean, tidy and attractive condition and the newly marked white lining has been a bonus for safer use of this section of road”.
Councillors resolved to send the letter to Herefordshire Council cabinet member, endorsed by the Parish Council.
Meeting September 24th/25th, to discuss the B4348 project, currently awaiting further information.
Verging on wild 
Details on Verging on the Wild (VOW) and requesting parishioner’s for information about any sites that are flower rich, or contain something unusual and might need special management had been posted on DFR newsletter, no replies received. Councilor’s agreed the clerk to inform VOW.
Footpath D02  Parishioner letter. “three styles on and around Llan Farm; the one from the road is missing a step, the one in the middle of the property has both steps missing, the top rail has fallen on one side and you risk cutting yourself on the barbed wire; the final style, going back onto the road past the farm is very wobbly.  
Are the farmers liable if a person is hurt whilst using a poorly maintained style”
Copy sent to Councillor Usher/Councillor Arnott, Spoke to Locality Steward, the designated footpath goes through farm yard; Balfour Beatty will not supply stiles to replace those on permissive route, one stile on designated route to be supplied/erected by landowner. 
Advice given for a poorly maintained stile; “S146 of the Highways Act 1980 imposes a duty on the landowner to maintain any stile, gate or similar structure across a footpath in a  safe condition.  If someone injures themselves on the stile, the liability rests with the landowner. If the incident that caused the injury occurred off the right of way, the walker having left the legal line with the permission of the landowner, the injured person ranks in law as a visitor and liability is regulated by the Occupiers’ Liability Act 1957”.
The field from the the playing fields has been ploughed and planted with potatoes, no sign of where the footpath should go and no easy way across the field.
Councillor Arnott has visited the landowner once the potatoes are lifted the path would be reinstated. Landowner claimed that the path was there just after the potatoes were planted but the foliage grew up and over thereby hiding the path. The Replies to the queries raised had been sent to the parishioner
Diversion signage, reported at August meeting, checked with Tarmac, not theirs, verbally reported on telephone to Balfour Beatty, signage still there, met Locality steward & discussed with him, he telephoned contractor & requested removal, still there. Awaiting information from the locality steward.
a)    Clerks salary £125
b)    Web site fee £23.98, (reimburse clerk)
c)    Lengthsmen account £316
d)    HMRC £94.50
All payments authorised
Precept 2020-2021,information received that request must be in by 31st December 2019
Revised Financial Regulations , agreed to arrange a meeting to prepare the 2020-2021 budget & consider revised financial regulations.
 Invite to Parish Council Summit 
Invitation from Leader of Herefordshire Council, inviting Parish Council Chairman and Councillors to attend the Parish Council Summit on 20 September 2019 received.
Councillor Usher, Councillor D Phillips indicated attendance
Herefordshire Association Local Councils, newsletter circulated, noted extra bank holiday next year
Herefordshire Council
Letter from Cabinet member infrastructure & transport, “Following careful consideration the decision has been taken today to pause two major transport infrastructure projects, the Hereford bypass (part of the Hereford Transport Package) and the Southern link road (part of the South Wye Transport Package), to allow further time to review the schemes in more detai”l
Information changes to Water Abstraction Licences and  Armed Forces Veterans Survey, 
Both had been circulated to councillors & on the DFR weekly newsletter.
No further business the chairperson thanked those who had attended & closed the meeting at 09-30pm
 Date of next meeting, Wednesday October 9th