A Meeting of Dorstone Parish Council was held in Old School Hall Dorstone on
Wednesday December 12th 2018 at 7-30pm
Present:, Councillor C Thomas Chairman , Councillor C Gethin, Councillor M Hession, Councillor K Meredith, Councillor A Phillips, Councillor D Phillips & Mr C Hendy Parish Council Clerk.
Apologies Councillor Usher, business commitment
Declaration of interest; Councillor K Meredith, Llanerch-Y-Coed licence application, No representation from public
The minutes of meeting November 13th 2018, were approved as a true record and signed by the chairman.
Reports; Ward Councillor and Golden Valley Police were not in attendance. 
Trees In Conservation Area
Application Number; 184313
Address: Jacaranda 9 Dore View, Dorstone, Hereford. HR3 6AJ
Description T1 - Dismantle co-dominate stemmed field maple leaning over the garage
No letters of support or objection received, Councillors resolved to support the application.
Certificate of Lawfulness
Application no; P183487/V
Address: Glisshire, Dorstone, Hereford, Herefordshire. HR3 6Aw
Description: Erection of a garden shed and construction of a track.
Certificate granted, officers report had been circulated to councillors for information on criteria for permitted development.
Meadow End Barn
The Clerk had sought advice from the Herefordshire Council planning department; if accommodation is used for a significant part of the year as holiday accommodation then planning permission is required.
Clerks salary £125
Her Majesty’s Customs & Revenue £94.56
Both payments authorised
No comments received from parishioners regarding proposed budget of £6500
for 2019-2020, Councillors resolved to confirm the precept of £6500 for 2019-2020.

Update re B4348 given by Councillor D Phillips, he was awaiting some information,
final submission to be agreed at January meeting.
Map notice board, agreed to mount on plastic covered poles.
Scar Lane Grit Bins, reported by a parishioner they had not been filled, Clerk had contacted Balfour Beatty, they indicated the majority of the bins were not on their asset list, (old blue type), with the intervention of the locality steward the bins were filled. Councillors would report any bins not filled especially the old blue ones. Balfour Beatty are to check & update their asset list in the New Year
The representation submitted had been rejected by Herefordshire Council Licensing Officer, “I have carefully considered the representation made by you and regret to inform you I can find no real evidence related to the premises to support the comments you have made.
The clerk had asked for clarification as some of Dorstone Parish Council representation was similar to Clifford Parish Council, reply received indicating that Dorstone PC representation would be accepted & invitation made to attend hearing. Subsequently the hearing was postponed at the request of the applicant until the New Year.
Letter received from the Little Training Company
“I’ve always thought the Dorstone Parish to be objective and to be run with high values and
ethics yet now I find you being led by the Clifford Parish Council, them encouraging you to object and you even going as far as doing a copy and paste on the objection on our 1.5 hour extension on our licensing which we have run for 4 years, responsibly with no complaints. We have grown steadily over the years and like any business need to make tweaks. The request from our guests to extend our music was the reason for the variation. Please could you help us understand why you would object in this manner.
Councillors discussed the letter; the Council was informed of the application & followed the same procedure as a planning consultation; ie ensuring neighbours are aware of the application. From this it transpired Clifford Parish Council was not informed, details were passed to them.
The representation made was discussed & agreed by Councillors which are self- explanatory, no copy or paste of representation made by Clifford PC was made. The Clerk will reply to The Little Training Company letter.
Future of libraries, museums & archives service in Herefordshire
On 28th June this year, Herefordshire Council’s Cabinet made a number of decisions regarding the future provision of its Museums, Libraries and Archives service. One of these decisions was:-‘A procurement process is commenced for the future commissioning of museums, libraries and archives based on current standard of services with a further
decision to be made by the cabinet member for contracts and assets on options for implementation’
Councillors discussed the decision and agreed they support the current library service using the facilities in Peterchurch and support the continuation of a service in its current form as an asset in the rural community.
Information about the decision and how representation could be made would be circulated .
Councillor Meredith reported the Pandy Inn had won the Community Pub of the year competition for Herefordshire. Councillors congratulated James Aubrey & Lisa Aubrey-Cosslett, licensees, on their award.
Meetings 2019, agreed to hold on the second Wednesday of the month, noted there is an election on May 2nd 2019.
Date of next meeting agreed as Wednesday January 9th 2019.
Councillor Thomas gave his apologies; he would not be able to attend the next meeting.
No further business the chairman thanked those who had attended & closed the meeting