A meeting of Dorstone Parish Council was held in Old School Hall Dorstone on Wednesday June 12th 2019 at 7-30pm
Present; Councillor T Usher, Councillor M Hession Councillor T Arnott,  Councillor B James, & Mr C Hendy Parish Council Clerk. 
Apologies; Councillor L Aubrey-Cosslett, Work Commitment, Councillor A Phillips,
ill health, Councillor D Phillips, family commitment, Golden Valley Police.
Also present; Councillor Jennie Hewitt, Golden Valley North Ward Councillor
No members of the public present.
No declaration of interest made
The minutes of meeting May 29th 2019 were approved & signed by the chairman
Golden Valley Police, monthly report had been circulated.
Ward Councillor, Chairman welcomed, on behalf of the council, Councillor Hewitt to the meeting and introduced members to her. Councillor Hewitt gave a brief history of herself, the first few weeks of being a ward councillor & an outline of the groups involved in running Herefordshire Council. Planning in Dorstone was raised, in particular the current amendments sought on the planning permission for new houses in Chapel Lane. Councillor Hewitt would consult with the planning officer.
Councillor Hewitt had received an article about the Northern Forest and a tree planting scheme, also a study from the Rural Services Network who work closely with Rose Regeneration who together with the University of Lincoln are carrying out a study to explore the potential for rural mobility innovations to address rural needsshe would forward the information to the clerk.  
Application No; 191449
Site Address; New House, Cusop, Hay-On-Wye HR3 5TG
Description: Proposal to locate a traditional 19th century style wooden shepherd hut on cast iron wheels, providing tourist accommodation and plastic parking grids with turning circle near hut.  
As this was adjoining the parish councillors resolved not to make any comments
Application No; 190927
Site Address:  Planning Consultation 3 Dore View, Dorstone, Hereford, Herefordshire HR36AJ
Description; Erection of a single storey rear extension to form utility and WC
Planning permission refused
Roles & Responsibilities
The roles and responsibilities of Councillors were discussed, it was agreed to allocate the following;
Honorary Surveyor: Councillor Usher
Village Hall: Councillor Hession
Playing Field: Councillor A Philips
Finance: Councillor Usher, Councillor Hession, Councillor D Phillips.
Small Business: Councillor D Philips
Infrastructure: Councillor Usher
Tourism: Councillor L Aubrey-Cosslett
Renewable Energy: Councillor L Aubrey-Cosslett
Flooding Councillor B James
Parish Footpaths: Councillor T Arnott
Councillors received the audited accounts for 2018-2019, following discussion Councillors agreed to adopt these accounts.
Annual Governance Statement, Councillors discussed and completed the 2018-2019 Annual Governance statement and these were approved
Annual Accounting Statement, Councillors discussed the 2018-2019 accounting statement and these were approved.
Clerks salary £125
  Lengthsman account £144
  Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs £94.56
  Internal auditor account £48
All payments authorised.
The clerk had not yet received the necessary paperwork to change authorised signatories on the account.
Herefordshire Association of Local Councils, agreed to leave to next meeting to discuss suitable dates to organise training.
Highways Update on resurfacing B4348, clerk had received parishioner’s comments regarding loose drain cover by Pump House & lack of edge of carriageway road markings on road by Cella/Churchyard. Raised with Balfour Beatty and informed the B4348 has been identified by Asset Management to be resurfaced through Dorstone in August 2019 and loose drain & road markings will be dealt with then. Clarification on the areas on the B4348 to be re-surfaced were sought, included in this year’s annual plan are;
 Dorstone village, (3600m2)    £90000,   
 A465-C1228 (Tram inn   (3900m2)     £97500     
 Peterchurch   (3850m2)     £96250  
These 3 sites account for over 30% of this year’s total surfacing budget for all B roads across the county. A map showing the precise areas had been requested.
Councillors informed Councillor Hewitt of the project led by Dorstone PC to request capital money to repair/resurface the B4348 from Kingstone to Peterchurch. Whilst councillors were pleased that work was being carried out on the B4348 noted some areas, identified in poor condition, not in the budget. Clerk to send Councillor Hewitt a copy of the report.
Clifford Parish Council was considering the purchase of a speed indicator device and enquired if Dorstone PC were interested in sharing the purchase. Councillors discussed the request, currently there were no reports of excessive speed in the parish, the initial cost of the equipment, the plinth they are attached to on the verge and maintenance cost were high, Councillors agreed not to participate in the purchase. 
Date of next meeting, Wednesday July 10th, the Hall is not available; it was provisionally agreed for 16th or 18th, dates to be canvassed with councillors not present.
No further business the chairman thanked those who had attended & closed the meeting at 09.15pm.