A Meeting of Dorstone Parish Council was held in Old School Hall Dorstone on
Wednesday February 13th 2019 at 7-30pm
Present: Councillor C Thomas Chairman, Councillor T Usher, Councillor A Phillips, Councillor D Phillips & Mr C Hendy Parish Council Clerk.
Also present Councillor P Price
Apologies, Councillor M Hession Holiday Councillor C Gethin, Work commitment, Councillor K Meredith, Work commitment
No representation from public
The minutes of meeting January 9th 2019, were approved as a true record and signed by the chairman.
Reports; Ward Councillor P Price January report circulated, updated the council on the budget due to be discussed by Herefordshire Council (HC) on 15th Feb, £2million, a one off amount, is an award for service delivery in a rural authority given to HC following consultation with government for added costs. Discussion on how this could be spent will take place following an alternative budget proposed by opposition parties.
Councillor Price had been informed planning refusal was being considered for the barn conversion into living accommodation at Lower Crossway Dorstone, he was seeking to have redirected to planning committee which required support from the public for the application.
The Parish Council had supported the application on both consultations. Golden Valley Police were not in attendance

Application No; 184599
Site Address: Planning Consultation - 184599 - Long House Farm, Dorstone, Hereford, Herefordshire HR3 6BL
Description; Application for variation of condition 2 following grant of planning permission (171674) - to alter the design of the proposed extension Application had been given to Councillor Hession , neighbours consulted, no letters of support or objection received.
Clerk had checked planning website, Ecology had objected due to bats, amended drawing submitted which shows no roof lights, Ecology now support.
Consultation period had now ended
Brickleys, Dorstone, Hereford, Hay & Straw Barn, Prior Approval not required
Planning Decisions
Jacaranda 9 Dore View Dorstone Hereford Herefordshire HR3 6AJ, T1 - Dismantle co-dominate stemmed field maple leaning over the garage. Permission granted,
Meadow End barn, information received from planning enforcement officer re- use as a holiday let. ”Discussion with both the owner and our Planning Team Leader, although there is some holiday let use of the residential property, the current intensity of use and the fact that it remains used by families has therefore not resulted in any ‘material change of use’ of the property and therefore no planning breach has occurred.
Clerk Salary £25
Payment authorised
Clerk was requested to invite applications under the donation policy.
Update B4348 Councillor D Phillips had circulated his report, Councillors agreed this should be sent to the Ward Councillor, copies sent to all parish councils from Cusop to Allensmore . Councillor Phillips was thanked for his report.
Llanerch-Y-Coed, information of the decision on the grant/variation of premises licence had been circulated.
Herefordshire Council
Parish Council summitthere were 77 attendees representing 58 parish councils. The summit’s aim to improve the way Herefordshire Council work with Parish Councils to share collective knowledge and experience and identify practical ways to work together. Funding and housing, were the focus of a presentation on the evening.
Cabinet decisions circulated
Minerals and Waste Local Plan (MWLP) – Consultation
The first draft of the Herefordshire Minerals and Waste Local Plan, and more information, such as associated evidence base documents, and details on how to take part in the consultation, can be viewed online at the following web address:www.herefordshire.gov.uk/mineralsandwaste from Monday 21 January to Monday 4 March 2019. This will form a part of the planning policy framework (Local Plan) for Herefordshire. Parish councils of areas potentially affected by development of sites will receive additional specific information. Bredwardine is one of the parishes
Herefordshire Association Local Councils
Training programme January to March circulated.page2image12330176page2image12335552
Parish Council Summit
Councillor Usher had attended and gave a report on the meeting.
County Flag Competition
Information circulated
Election timetable for Parish Council Elections May 2nd 2019 Election publication date March 12th
Delivery of Nomination Papers from March 12th
Deadline for delivery of nomination papers April 3rd
Campaign to encourage residents to stand as ward and parish councillors at the local election on Thursday 2nd May.The ‘Be a councillor’ website is: www.herefordshire.gov.uk/beacouncillor
The clerk will put an information pack in DFR
Councillor Thomas. Having been on the Council for nearly 10 years, 8 as Chairman, I have decided not to stand again.
I have enjoyed my time on the Council although the time commitment on the Neighbourhood Plan and some Planning issues has been significant. With a review of the Neighbourhood Plan due next year and perhaps it would be beneficial for someone with a fresh view to lead this process
Councillor Gethin has indicated she will not be standing again for election to the parish council. Due to personal circumstances, business commitments, and the bells, plus on going church renovation project, I am unable to give the commitment.
Councillor Meredith has indicated he will not be standing for re-election in May. Due to changes in my workload since appointed and changes that are happening in the near future he does not believe I will be able to give this the time it deserves.
Councillors were sorry to that Councillor Thomas, Councillor Gethin and Councillor Meredith were not seeking re-election, they thanked them for the contribution they had made to the parishioners and the parish.
Date of next meeting discussed, Wednesday March 13th 2019 or Wednesday March 27th to enable end of year accounts to be paid, agreed to hold on March 27th 2019
Chairman thanked those attending & closed the meeting at 09.25pm.