A meeting of Dorstone Parish Council was held in Old School Hall Dorstone on
Wednesday May 29th 2019 at 8-15pm
Present; Councillor T Usher, Councillor M Hession Councillor T Arnott, Councillor L Aubrey-Cosslett, Councillor B James, & Mr C Hendy Parish Council Clerk.
Apologies; Councillor A Phillips, Councillor D Phillips, both had work commitment.
Declaration of acceptance of office;
The clerk reported a signed and witnessed declaration of office had been received from Councillor D Phillips.
No members of the public present
The minutes of meeting May 15th 2019 were approved & signed by the chairman
Planning Consultation
Application No; 190890
Site Address: Court House, Dorstone,,
Herefordshire HR3 6AW
Description; Proposed conversion of a single room to two roomed en-suite
Listed Building Consent
No letters of support or objection received, Councillors noted alterations proposed were internal, they resolved to support the listed building consent application.
Application No; 1485
Site Address: Corner Cottage, Dorstone, Hereford HR3 6AN Description; Propose to take down existing conservatory and rebuild
extension and convert existing garage/shed to bedroom and shower room.
Application had been passed to Councillor Usher who visited neighbours with Councillor L Aubrey-Cosslett. No letters of support or objection received.
Councillors discussed the application, noted the application indicated existing roof materials slate & galvanised sheet, proposed slate & green roof. Councillors resolved to support the application, in general the Parish Council do not consider the green roofing material to be appropriate for a property in this position in the village centre.
Dorstone Neighbourhood Plan Policy DNP H2 Housing Design Criteria To be supported housing proposals must
1. Respect and where possible enhance the natural, built and historic environment of the parish and Dorstone’s Conservation Area and take every opportunity through
design and materials to reinforce local distinctiveness and a strong sense of place incorporating local features as set out below:
• Majority of buildings constructed with slate roofs.
A planning consultation affecting land adjoining the parish had been received after the agenda was published.
Application No; 191449
Site Address; New House, Cusop, Hay-On-Wye HR3 5TG
Description: Proposal to locate a traditional19th century style wooden shepherd hut on cast iron wheels, providing tourist accommodation and plastic parking grids with turning circle near hut.
No further business the chairman thanked those who had attended & closed the meeting at 08.25pm