A meeting of Dorstone Parish Council was held in the Old School Hall Dorstone on 
Wednesday October 12th 2022 

Present; Councillor T Usher, Chairman, Councillor T Arnott, Councillor A Phillips, Councillor E Wright & Mr C Hendy Parish Council Clerk

Apologies; Councillor D Phillips, Work commitment, Councillor Aubrey-Cosslett, family commitment, Councillor B James, work commitment. 

Also present; Mrs Hughes, for The Bage speed reduction

No Declaration of Interest from members in any item to be discussed. 

Mrs Hughes raised concern regarding the current speed limit of at The Bage, which is not appropriate given vehicles, she believed, did not keep to the 40mph, concerned about pedestrians, there was no footpath, there was a bus stop used by public and school children, post box and public footpath access.
Variety of vehicles use the road including agricultural & HGV’s also movement of stock in the area
Three junctions, Browns Lane, Scar Lane and Scotland Bank. Exit from Scotland Bank is particularly bad.
She considers traffic gives insufficient room to pedestrians walking, accidents have occurred in the area.
Mrs Hughes was requesting the speed limit was reduced to 30mph and improvements made to road signage. 
The minutes of September 28th 2022 having been circulated, were approved

Ward Councillor no report received 
Golden Valley Police no report received

Yew Tree in the Churchyard
Work had been carried out recently trimming one of the yew trees in the churchyard, no application for comments had been received by the parish council. 
In a Conservation Area six weeks’ notice before carrying out work to trees are required by completing a section 211 notice. There are exceptions to this requirement, including when the tree is dead, dying or has become dangerous.

The Parochial Church Council had received a letter from the tree surgeon, this indicated a request had been made to him on 26th February 2022, the PCC had received concern about broken/damaged branches of the yew tree overhanging a gravestone with fears over safety raised.
Tree inspected, broken/damaged branches noted, agreed to remove these and any other in similar condition, also reducing others which were considered potential hazard
Heavy infestation of ivy was a contributory factor with tree centre swamped, decided to de-ivy as much as I had time for. I am of the opinion the work is exempt from the tree conservation permission as the major part of the work was carried out to the ivy, remainder of work falls under dead/dying/dangerous category. I have contacted Herefordshire Council tree officer & briefed him of the concerns.
Councillors discussed the information it was noted a 211 notice was submitted for similar work to the yew tree adjacent B4348 in 2018. 
Councillors consider a 211 notice should have been applied for, however they decided to take no action on the work carried out.
Any future similar work, to the trees in the churchyard, Councillors recommend a 211 notice should be applied for

a)	Clerks’ salary; September £128.44

Payment authorised

a)	To consider the request to reduce the speed limit to 30mph through the Bage B4348.
Councillors discussed the request by Mrs Hughes, part of the speed restricted area is in Clifford, which includes access to the footpath.
Any change to the speed at the Bage would require a Traffic Regulation Order, Herefordshire Council policy is for a request to be made via the Ward Councillor. Councillors recommended Clifford parish council was requested to consider supporting the request to reduce the speed through The Bage to 30mh, if they were in agreement Dorstone PC would support Mrs Hughes request and write to the Ward Councillor

Stream Clearance

The clerk has been in lengthy discussions with BB & Herefordshire Council. Officers at Herefordshire Council currently have a very heavy workload.

Councillor Usher had suggested the help of the Ward Councillor was sought; she is currently on leave of absence & her work picked up by the cabinet member. This was discussed with BB, who passed this information on to Herefordshire Council. 
The area providing difficulties at Herefordshire Council was the Habitat Risk Assessment, (HRA), was it required? if so, who would carry it out?

Clerk understands a meeting was subsequently held, and he was informed it was agreed an Ordinary Watercourse Consent (OWC) was not required, BB to carry out a shadow HRA, this to be forwarded to Herefordshire Council for approval.
The BB officer carrying out the draft HRA would not be in the office until 10th

Updates from Herefordshire Association Local Councils
Information corner noted with responsibility for footpaths passing back to Herefordshire Council, new proposals may require Foot Path Officers (FPO) to undertake training to enable them to undertake practical work on footpaths and prepare annual maintenance plans for their parish, FPOs come under the insurance of their parish council but if FPOs are to be required to plan and undertake work on behalf of Herefordshire Council different arrangements may need to be put in place. Clerk to raise with HALC & enquire if a copy of the recent training can be obtained.

Location for a bench on the Village green in memory of Mrs Lane
The family had provided dimensions for the proposed bench, 
 70cm width by 150cm length and 99cm height. They would like it to be concreted in or screwed down for protection and they will place a plaque on it.
Possibly the only suitable place, without overlooking the houses, is by the bus stop sign. Chairman agreed to check and inform the clerk of a suitable site
Herefordshire Council; Information circulated
a) Partnership Information bulletin
b) Talk community

Next meeting
Agreed the next meeting would be on November 9th 2022.

No further business, the chairman thanked those who had attended & closed the meeting at 09.20pm.

Signed ………………………………… Councillor T Usher

November 9th 2022