Meeting Agenda

Below is the Parish Council Monthly Meeting agenda for 14 October 2020:


Councillors are summoned to attend a remote Meeting of Dorstone Parish Council on Wednesday October 14th 2020 at 7-30pm via the following link;

(Due to Covid 19 regulations the Parish Council meet remotely)

1) To receive apologies

2) To receive declaration of Interest from members in any item to be discussed 

3) To receive representation from the Public 

4) To receive minutes of meeting September 9th 2020

5) Planning Consultations:                                                                                                                                                           

a) Application Number; 202918

Site Address; Farmstead south east of Bage Court, Dorstone,Hereford. Herefordshire HR3 5SU

Description; Proposed installation of 2 No agricultural feed bins

Application with Councillor A Phillips

b) Application Number; 202901

Site address; Land at Old House, Common Bach, Dorstone, Herefordshire HR3 6BL

Description; Proposed self- contained holiday let

Application with Councillor B James

c) To consider Planning for the Future consultation, comments by October 15th     

6) Reports;

a) Ward Councillor; 

b) Police/Fire, October report circulated

7) Finance

      a) To pay the clerks salary September £125

      b) To pay HMRC

      c) To pay the lengthsmen account

      d) To pay Mr S Phillips for stream cleaning

      e) To pay Wye/Usk Foundation 

      f)  To receive update on accounts to 30th September

      g)  To receive information on the application for Parish Precept 2021-2022

8) Footpaths;

    a)  Footpath Officer October newsletter

    b)  To consider renewing the Footpath Map


a) To consider/adopt Accessibility Statement for parish council website

    b) To receive information on uploading PDF documents to parish council website 

10)  To receive report on Community Crisis response meeting, Councillor D Phillips 

11)  To receive information on What 3 words

12), To receive latest information from Herefordshire Association Local Councils

13) Glass map

      a) To note the map has kindly been refurbished

      b) To consider re-location & illumination of map

13) To receive information on the Rural Community Energy Fund, Councillor Aubrey-Cosslett 

14) To note information circulated from Herefordshire Council during Coronavirus restrictions

a) Fraud offences targeting the elderly

b) Using Community Facility guidance

16) Date of next meeting, November 11th 2020

Christopher Hendy

Parish Council Clerk 

October 6th 2020 

Telephone 550652,