Meeting Agenda

Below is the Parish Council Monthly Meeting agenda for 9 September 2020:


Councillors are summoned to attend a remote Meeting of Dorstone Parish Council on Wednesday September 9th2020 at 7-30pm

Due to the Covid 19 crisis the Parish Council will meet remotely. Any resident wishing to attend should contact the Clerk ( by September 8th who will arrange for an electronic invitation to the meeting to be made

Item 1: To receive apologies

Item2: To receive declaration of Interest from members in any item to be discussed

Item 3:To receive representation from the Public

Item 4: To receive minutes of meeting July 8th 2020Item 

Item 5: Planning: 


  1. Land adjacent to Sycamore approval of reserved matters. Approval granted with conditions
  2. Installation of ground based PV array at Great House Farm. Approved with conditions
  3. Small hexagonal building at Pandy B&B. Approved with conditions
  4. To receive a complaint over the parish council decision on the planning application at the Pandy B&B
  5. To consider planning for the future documents circulated
  6. To consider document from Herefordshire Council Housing & Land availability “call for sites 2020” 

Item 6: Reports:

  1. Ward Councillor; August report circulated
  2. Police/Fire monthly reports circulated

Item 7: Finance

  1. a) To pay the clerks salary July/August £250
  2. b) To pay the lengthsmen
  3. c) To reimburse the clerk for video conferencing subscription
  4. d) To pay her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs


Item 8: Highways;

  1. To receive update on B4348 2019 application for road resurfacing.
  2. To receive update on stream cleaning & grant applications


Item 9: Footpaths – To consider application to divert the footpath at Llan Farm

Item 10:  To receive information from Herefordshire Association Local Councils

Item 11: To note parish council response to proposed car parking charges in Hereford City

Item 12: Herefordshire Council, to receive report from virtual parish council meeting 23rd July

Item 13: Glass Map

  1. To approve offer to refurbish
  2. To consider re-location & illumination of map

Item: 14: To note information circulated from Herefordshire Council during Coronavirus restrictions

Item 15: Date of next meeting, October 14th 2020

Christopher Hendy

Parish Council Clerk

September 2nd 2020

Telephone 550652,