Meeting Agenda

Below is the Parish Council Monthly Meeting agenda for 24 November (Postponed):

Councillors are summoned to attend a Meeting of Dorstone Parish Council on Wednesday November 24th2021 at 7-00pm in the Village Hall Dorstone


1) To receive apologies,

2) To receive declaration of Interest from members in any item to be discussed

3) To receive representation from the Public

4) Receive minutes of November 10th 2021

5) Planning

Application No; Planning Consultation – 214075

Site Address; Bell House, Dorstone, Hereford, Herefordshire HR3 6AB Description; Poplar (T1) – Section Dismantle because significant die back in the crown and poses a risk to the adjacent building. Ash (T2) – Section Dismantle due to 50% canopy loss due to Ash Die Back. Group of Leylandii (T3) – Reduce height by 4m due to showing signs at the top of the crown of wind damage

Application with Councillor B James


6) Councillor Vacancy

To consider the applications received to fill the casual vacancy for a councillor on the Parish Council


7) Date of next meeting; December 8th 2021


Christopher Hendy


Parish Council Clerk


November 18th 2021

Telephone 550652,