A meeting of Dorstone Parish Council was held on Wednesday July 14th 2021 at  7-30pm in the Old School Hall Dorstone
Present: Councillor T Usher, Chairman, Councillor L Aubrey-Cosslett, Councillor T Arnott, Councillor B James, Councillor D Phillips & Mr C Hendy Parish Council Clerk. 

Apologies; Councillor A Phillips, (Business commitment), Ward Councillor J Hewitt, PCSO P Knight
Councillor Aubrey-Cosslett indicated due to business needs she may have to leave during the meeting

The face to face meeting was held under guidance received from National Association of Local Councils, their understanding of the rule of six, from 17th May until such time as national restrictions are amended or lifted was:
1) Parish Councillors plus the Clerk are outside the rule of six for indoor meetings because they form the body corporate which is exempt as a permitted organised gathering.
2).Members of the public constitutes the rule of six for indoor meetings.
Members of the public have a right to attend face-to-face meetings, should more than six members of the public wish to attend the meeting in person, the meeting may need to take place outdoors or adjourn but not proceed inside.  In inclement weather, meeting will attend to urgent or time related business only.

No declaration of Interest from members in any item to be discussed

No public present 

The minutes of May 6th 2021, May 29th 2021 & June 9th 2021having been circulated were approved.

a) Planning decision;
Consultation number 210706 
Site Address; Bell House, Dorstone, Hereford, Herefordshire.HR3 6AB

Description: Proposed single storey rear extension to form dining area adjacent to existing kitchen 
Approved with conditions 

b) Herefordshire Council; 

 i) Affordable Housing Supplementary Planning document adopted.
This document will support and offer guidance on the different types of affordable housing that is required within the county to meet the needs of Herefordshire’s community. It will be a material consideration in the determination of planning applications.
II) Strategic Housing provision; Following the recent decisions on housing provision Herefordshire Council would welcome the opportunity of engaging with all Parish Councils to understand the housing requirements for your area. 

a) Ward Councillor, June report circulated
b) Golden Valley police, June report circulated, PCSO P Knight reported on recent speed check which had identified two vehicles travelling at 40mph in the 30mph limit, Playing Field to Dore View action had been taken. The theft of quad bikes was increasing, identification marking outlined and available.

      a) To pay the clerks salary May £128.46
      b) To pay the lengthsmen £188
      c) To pay the Information Commissioner £40      

All payments authorised
a) Update on B4348, the works will take place between the 16th Aug – 20th Aug. The scope of the works is to improve the drainage system and resurface the road. To improve the drainage 117m of twin wall pipe is being installed in the existing ditch and extra gullies are being connected to the ditch to collect the surface water. The road will also be strengthened and made wider so there should be less of a pinch point in that location.
The clerk has requested information from Herefordshire Council regarding disruption to the bus services.

b) Brown’s Lane, drainage and resurfacing have been completed.

c) Parish services update meeting, presentation to circulate.

Green Tree Canopy, information from Lord Lieutenant regarding the scheme to request trees from the Woodland Trust. Written update from Mrs Karen Usher on the proposed tree planning alongside western hedge of the playing field, 7-10 hornbeam trees were being considered with ideas being considered how these could be funded.

Councillor Aubrey-Cosslett left the meeting.

Refurbishment of the old Telephone box, Councillor Arnott outlined the work required, possibly rectify the leaning of the kiosk, strip & repaint, replace glass, inside to be decided on when the use is considered. Councillors agreed a budget of £300. 

Rail and Bus for Herefordshire is a local voluntary organisation campaigning for better public transport throughout the county, vision information to circulate. 

Western Power business plan, information circulated 

Community Wellbeing survey    

During Autumn 2020, the Talk Community division in Herefordshire Council commissioned a household survey with the aim of improving understanding of the wellbeing and resilience of Herefordshire’s communities, and the residents living in them both prior to and during the emergencies (flooding and COVID-19) in the county during 2020.

Hour long feedback session will give you an overview of the results and provide an opportunity to ask any questions on Tuesday 20th July at 11am-12 noon 

Herefordshire Council electoral services update;
a) Parliamentary Boundary Review 2023
Keep the two constituencies and they will be broadly the same with the same names as now. Proposals are that Stoney Street ward will be wholly in the North and Holmer ward solely in the South.  .
b) Canvass.  This has started to check details for the Electoral Register.

Parish Council Summit, presentation circulated, this was attend by Councillor Aubrey-Cosslett  

Parish Council Reference Working Group; Deadline has now been extended until close of play on Wednesday 14 July. 

Information circulated from Herefordshire Council
a) July newsletter from Council leader
b) Talk Community update
c) Partnership Information bulletin
d) Parish Council carbon tool

Agreed to forward to Mr B Mclean

Date of next meeting; agreed not to hold a meeting in August, unless required, next meeting September 8th 2021

No further business, the chairman thanked those who had attended & closed the meeting at 09.20pm