A Meeting of Dorstone Parish Council was held in the OLD SCHOOL Hall Dorstone on Friday August 18th 2023 at 5-00pm.

Present; Councillor A Phillips, Chairman, Councillor L Aubrey-Cosslett, Councillor S Goodwin, Councillor B James, Councillor D Phillips, Mr C Hendy Clerk.

Also present: Dawn Edmiston, John Morgan

Declaration of Interest from Councillor B James on the application by Mr John Morgan to join the council. 

The minutes of August 11th 2023, agreed to defer.
To consider applications to fill the two casual vacancies for parish councillors.

Advice had been sought from Herefordshire Association Local Councils,(HALC), the previous meeting the applicants had not been allowed to sit in the meeting whilst applications were discussed, HALC advice was they should be allowed into the meeting. General advice used by other councils was candidates will be asked to leave the room, candidates were invited to remain & the chairman apologised for not allowing them to sit in on the previous meeting.

Councillors discussed the application for Dawn Edmiston & unanimously agreed to elect Dawn Edmiston to the council. 

Councillor B James left the meeting whilst the application for John Morgan was discussed, Councillors agreed to elect John Morgan to the council by a majority with Councillor L Aubrey-Cosslett voting against.

Councillor B James returned to the meeting.

Councillor Lisa Aubrey-Cosslett announced she was resigning from the council, handed a letter to the chairman and left the meeting.

Chairman declared Dawn Edmiston & John Morgan elected to the council, both signed acceptance of office declaration and immediately joined the council

Chairman opened the letter of resignation, “It is with deep sadness that I resign from Dorstone Parish Council and I do so immediately I joined the Parish Council to serve my community and I was proud to have tirelessly supported our Parish throughout the Covid years. During my tenure as Parish Councillor and Vice Chair, I have been a vocal supporter of all those that put themselves forward to serve our community, by becoming Parish Councillors.
One of the decisions made today has been a true wake up call. The run up to it has made me unwell, in good conscience and as a principled person I am unable to support this decision. I no longer have faith that all members of this Parish Council have the best interests of the majority of those residing in the parish at heart. I sincerely hope to be proved wrong, for the good of our small community and for the diverse population lucky enough to call it home.”

Domain name fee invoice £23.98

Payment authorised

Date of next meeting; September 13th 2023

Chairman thanked those who had attended & closed the meeting at 5-50pm

Signed …………………Councillor A Phillips
September 13th 2023