A meeting of Dorstone Parish Council was held in the Old School Hall Dorstone on 
Wednesday September 28th 2022 

Present; Councillor T Usher, Chairman, Councillor L Aubrey-Cosslett, Councillor T Arnott, Councillor B James, Councillor A Phillips & Mr C Hendy Parish Council Clerk

Apologies; Councillor D Phillips, on Holiday, Councillor E Wright, Ward Councillor J Hewitt

Also present; Mr & Mrs Davidson for planning application Cella

The meeting arranged for September 14th 2022 had to be postponed due to the United Kingdom being in a period of National Mourning.

Declaration of Interest from members in any item to be discussed. Councillor Aubrey Cosslett declared an interest on the planning application Pandy Inn

Mr & Mrs Davidson gave an outline of the changes made to the original planning application at Cella following a meeting with Herefordshire Council officials. 

The minutes of July 13th 2022 having been circulated, were approved

Ward Councillor September report circulated

Golden Valley Police September report circulated

Planning Consultation
a)	APPLICATION NO & SITE ADDRESS: Planning Re-Consultation - 221904 - Cella Pegler Orchard, Dorstone, Hereford, Herefordshire HR3 6AW 
DESCRIPTION: Proposed two storey extension with link and alterations to existing dwelling.
Councillors had discussed with the applicants the changes to the original application, written representation from a neighbour also received. Updated plans & Design & Access statement on the website.
One letter received with comments/objections, no letters of support.
The application with had been passed to Councillor A Phillips.
Councillors considered the amended plans & documentation on Herefordshire Council Planning website, the verbal presentation from the applicants & written observations from a neighbour.
Councillors noted the changes made to the proposed alterations following a meeting with Herefordshire Council officers, also the removal from the original application of "a business which they operate from home". Whilst the proposed building is within Flood Zone 2 DNP F 1 Flooding Councillors discussed the implications with the applicants.
Dorstone Parish Councillors resolved to support the amended plans
APPLICATION NO & SITE ADDRESS: Planning Consultation - 222835 - The Pandy Inn, Dorstone, Hereford, Herefordshire HR3 6AN 
DESCRIPTION: Proposed works to Yew Tree. There are one or two dead branches that need removing that are cracked. Another issue is that it is overshadowing our neighbours property. The tree is causing their path to be extremely dark and slippery which is becoming a concern. Plans: Reduce limb growth of the lower limbs and raising canopy by approximately 30%. Reduce and thin limbs by 5% to 20% to reduce weight.
No letters of support or objection received. Consultation extended to September 28th 2022
The application had been passed to Councillor E Wright.
Councillor Aubrey-Cosslett left the meeting
Councillors discussed the documentation on line, noted the tree was over 400 years old and listed on National Yew Tree register, resolved to support the application.
Councillor Aubrey-Cosslett re-joined the meeting.
b)	APPLICATION NO & SITE ADDRESS: Planning Consultation - 222965 - School House, C1207 From B4348 To Gattimer L, Dorstone, Herefordshire, HR3 6AN DESCRIPTION: Hawthorn planted as a boarder shrub, left un-attended now creating damage to surrounding fence and tarmac area's and restricting parking height of vehicles in Village Hal Car Park. Complete removal, wood retained additional material chipped for garden. I day to complete. Village Car Park would need to be closed for the day, this has been agreed with the Village Hall Committee. This Hawthorn is not covered by a preservation order. Once Hawthorn has been removed, fence will be replaced and or repaired and a low boarder put along the entire fence line.

No letters of support or objection received
The application had been passed to Councillor Aubrey-Cosslett
Councillors discussed the documentation on line & resolved to support the application
Following invoices received for payment
a) Clerks’ salary for July & August 2022, £256.88
b) Lengthsmen £174
c) Wye & Usk foundation, stream survey £157-50
d) HMRC £96.36
All payments authorised

a) To receive an update on matters raised; 
The railings on the B4348 opposite Dore View have collapsed and require remedial works. A job has been raised to make safe and this has been completed. These works have been referred by our Contract Manager to our Delivery Team and these works are planned to be carried out within this financial year

c) Overhanging hedge Dorstone Hill, reported to Balfour Beatty. It was observed one hedge had been trimmed, Clerk to request an update.
d) Damage to verge/bank by wide machine Mynddbrith to Nantybar road, reported, visited by Locality Supervisor, no action required
e)  Village Safety initiative
“The response has been overwhelming and Herefordshire Council are still trying to process all the information. Early indications suggest Herefordshire Council are not able to consider most of the suggestions but, due to the volume, they will go back to the Board and seek further funding to see if it is possible to address all the concerns”.
f)  Parishioner concerns re speed of traffic, signage Playing Field to Dore View
“A passing motorist expressed the view that pedestrian should not be walking on the B4348 - this was within the village 30 limit. 
Two cars navigated the round around the bends at the church proceeding west towards Hay.  As the first reached the recreation grounds it was overtaken by the second car, a white BMW estate, which accelerated to around 55mph.
The speeding driver then encountered a pedestrian who was proceeding east on the right-hand side walking a dog.  There is no footpath but a steep grass bank at that point.  The BMW driver held down his car horn on seeing the pedestrian whilst maintaining a high speed and passing within 18 inches - contrary to the highway code. It does seem that some motorists are not driving with due care on the stretch of road.  
Are there any plans to encourage motorists to conform to the speed limit and/or to be made aware that there are chances of encountering pedestrians in the village?”
Clerk had replied to the parishioner informing him that speed checks were being carried out by West Mercia Police, the council had also sought training for parishioners in the use of speed detection equipment.
The clerk had checked the signage, there is a warning of no footpath at Bridge Cottage & the Playing Field, (B4348). He suggested asking if the signage from the Playing Field could be moved to Dore View & amended as necessary.
Councillors discussed the parishioners concern & agreed the clerk should raise with Balfour Beatty.
Stream Clearance
Clerk gave an update on Ponty Weston stream cleaning 
“I have spoken to the Environment Agency, indicate not their responsibility, have suggested I contact the lead local flood officer at HCC, I have done this, they referred me to the drainage team BB, awaiting a reply”.
Balfour Beatty have indicated that “as long as the guidance laid out by the EA is followed and have an inspector present whilst you carry out the work there should be no issues and would suggest proceed with the work in line with the instructions laid out.”
The clerk had informed the Environmental Clerk of Works, he will not attend unless a Habitat Risk Assessment (HRA) has been carried out. This should be done by Herefordshire Council, following discussions with a colleague of officer, messages left on landline & mobile phone but no response, he indicated the HRA is not required.
Clerk spoke to Environment Agency, they indicated Ordinary Watercourse Consent required from Herefordshire Council and they may need to carry out HRA
Clerk has written to Balfour Beatty indicating HRA is required & could they raise with Herefordshire Council as there is limited time left. Awaiting reply.
Councillor Usher sought to contact previous contractor for quotation, no response, clerk managed to find another contractor, he eventually visited & quotation £1900 + VAT received.
Clerk had managed to contact previous contractor, he indicated he was very busy but would try & fit work in, quotation of £775 + VAT.

After discussion Councillors resolved to accept the quotation for £775 + VAT

Ponty Weston stream

The clerk reported no update had been received from the Environment Agency.
Councillors considered what action they could take, resolved to add the following article to the weekly newsletter/facebook

The parish council have received complaints regarding the smell and discharge of sewage from the road drain which exits into the Ponty-Weston stream by the old telephone kiosk.
The discharge has also been noted on a report received by the parish council on the stream through the village.

The council recommend any householder, whose septic tank drainage enters the road drain from the village to the stream, ensure their septic system is working correctly

Concern had been raised regarding the condition of the footpath stile (DO6) on the Village Hall boundary. The clerk had contacted the Footpath Officer.
Councillor Arnott had spoken with the landowner, work was in hand to repair boundary fence & footpath stile.
It was later observed a fence had been erected enclosing the footpath, and possibly moving the route, also posts had been installed on the castle boundary, this was in contravention of scheduled ancient monument conditions. It was understood Ancient Monument were aware and holding discussions.

The kissing gate had been removed & stile erected, following request of previous owner, this was still available & owner to be contacted if they required this to replace stile.

Councillor Arnott had volunteered to attend a meeting of Footpath Officers on the 28th September, he subsequently could not attend.
 Old Telephone Kiosk
The refurbishment of the Old Telephone Kiosk had been completed; Councillor Arnott raised regarding future use, possibly for tourist information. With the closure of Dorstone Front Room the future siting/responsibility of the Defibrillator was not known.
Agreed Councillor Arnott make enquiries regarding tourist information & costs involved, Clerk to establish ownership & future siting of the Defibrillator
Herefordshire Council
Herefordshire Council; Information circulated
a) Partnership Information bulletin
b) Talk Community
 Land adjacent to New House 

Councillor Usher gave an update on ground adjacent to New House
The Parish Council has been advised by higher authority that the Council is charged with a duty of care for the small section of abandoned scrubland adjacent to New House, known as New House Patch (grid SO 266401), being the last remnant of the pre-enclosure Fowmine Common and possessing no known registered owner.

Following consultation and an onsite recce with representatives of Herefordshire Nature (HN) in autumn 2021, a recommendation was made by HN that in order to preserve the unspoilt condition of the patch a declaration be made by the Parish Council that the area be designated a ‘Minimum Interference Nature Reserve.’

The aim of this declaration would be to conserve the natural scrubland habitat for the sole benefit of wildlife and bio diversity. This would require no additional fencing or signage to be erected. The patch would remain free to public access, but no improvements would be made to the current limited access. In addition, no gardening, fires or building would be permitted.

The Patch will thence be permitted to develop naturally over time from its current scrubland character to that of elevated woodland.

After discussion Councillors supported the declaration

Village Hall Representative
The clerk had obtained information on the village hall committee & sent to Councillor Wright, she has agreed to be the council representative. 
Date of next meeting; agreed to be held on October 12th 2022.
No further business the chairman thanked those who had attended & closed the meeting at 09-30pm.

………………………………. Councillor T Usher
October 12th 2022