A meeting of Dorstone Parish Council was held on Wednesday 8th September 2021 at  7-30pm in the Old School Hall Dorstone
Present: Councillor T Usher, Chairman, Councillor Aubrey-Cosslett, Councillor B James, Councillor A Phillips, & Mr C Hendy Parish Council Clerk. 

One parishioner

Apologies; Councillor Hession, family illness, Councillor T Arnott, Councillor D Phillips, Golden Valley Police all work commitments.

No declaration of Interest from members in any item to be discussed made

Mr Mark Wordley raised the the damage to the natural undergrowth, scrubs and trees on the Common Land adjacent to New House and asked if the parish council had been able to establish ownership. The clerk indicated a visit to the records office to check the information on Vowmine enclosure had taken place just before Covid, he had written to the records office but so far had received no reply. The chairman was looking into the possibility of establishing a nature reserve on the land & awaiting further information. 

Minutes of August 11th 2021having being circulated were approved

a) Ward Councillor, no reports received
b) Golden Valley Police, September report circulated, Rural Crime Officer briefing note circulated

      a) To pay the clerks salary August £128.46
      b) To pay the HMRC £96.36
      c) To pay website fee £23.98     

All payments authorised

The next Parish Council Summit will take place on Tuesday 14 September from 7pm to 8:40pm.Councillor Usher & Councillor Aubrey-Cosslett to attend
The final Parish Council Summit of 2021 is scheduled to take place on Monday 6 December from 7pm to 8:30pm

Riparian Owners Responsibility, documents circulated, it was agreed this should be added to the website 

Ponty-Weston Stream

Concern had been raised to the clerk about a grey discharge from the pipe running alongside the road into the stream, there was also a strong smell. Agreed the Environment Agency should be informed

Talk Communities

Information circulated

Items for next meeting

Resignation letter from Councillor Hession had been received.

Councillor Aubrey-Cosslett gave her apologies; she would not be able to attend the next meeting, family commitment

Scheme offering free Saturday & Sunday travel on buses within the county 

Next meeting
Next Meeting October 13th 2021.

The chairman thanked those who had attended & closed the meeting at 08-15pm