ANNUAL PARISH Meeting Agenda

Annual Dorstone Parish Meeting

Will be held on
Wednesday May 22nd 2024 at 7-00pm in
The Village Hall.

1) To receive apologies
2) To receive and approve minutes of Parish Meeting May 24th 2023
3) To receive the Chairman’s Report
4) To receive a brief financial report for 2023-2024
5) An opportunity to raise items for discussion by those present.
6) To receive reports from representatives of any organisations present.
7) To receive the balance sheet for Relief in Need
8) To receive an update on the future use of the Old Telephone Kiosk

The Annual Parish meeting is a statutory requirement, a chance for parishioners to raise items for discussions, if a decision is subsequently made, whilst not binding on the Parish Council, it can be forwarded to them for discussion.


Councillor Alistair Phillips
Chairman Dorstone Parish Council
May 13th 2024