ANNUAL PARISH Meeting Agenda

Below is the Parish Council Monthly Meeting agenda for 25 May:

Annual Dorstone Parish Meeting

Will be held on

Wednesday May 25th 2022 at 7-30pm in

The Village Hall.

  • To receive apologies
  • To receive and approve minutes of Parish Meeting May 26th 2021
  • To receive the Chairman’s Report
  • To receive a brief financial report for 2021-2022
  • An opportunity to raise items for discussion by those present.
  • To receive reports from representatives of any organisations present.
  • To receive the balance sheet for Relief in Need

 The Annual Parish meeting is a statutory requirement, a chance for parishioners to raise items for discussions, if a decision is subsequently made, whilst not binding on the Parish Council, it can be forwarded to them for discussion.


Councillor Tony Usher

Chairman Dorstone Parish Council

May 16th 2022